John Honisz-Greens

Edinburgh Genbukan Dojo Cho (ZNKR Renshi - 6 Dan)

John Honisz-Greens Sensei first started training in Iaido as a teenager. His first Iaido teacher was Neil Kemp Sensei in Edinburgh whom he met in 1986. Honisz-Greens Sensei was very physically active as a youngster, working as a golf professional from 1989 until 1993. During that time, he also discovered Aiki-Ju-Jutsu. His passion for Aiki developed further when he met Gerd Kroell Sensei in 1991, and his subsequent membership of Tai Gyoku Ryu. Honisz-Greens Sensei studied for many years under Kroell Sensei, gaining the rank Joden Kyohan and building and developing a great friendship before heading to Japan in 1997.

Upon completing his University studies, and with a job offer from a prestigious company, Honisz-Greens Sensei decided to take a year out in 1997 to develop his Aiki-Ju-Jutsu in Japan. During his year out he joined the JET Programme and taught English to Japanese high school students in Amagasaki city, near Osaka. At this point he was taking an extended break from Iaido to concentrate on his Aiki studies. However, during his stay, a friend of his, knowing he was in Japan studying Budo, took him along to the Kobe Shiyakusho Iaido dojo as a visitor, where the head teacher at that time was Oshita Masakazu Sensei. By happy coincidence it turned out that Oshita Sensei was the senior student of Haruna Sensei, whom Honisz- Greens Sensei had trained with at seminars in the UK. The meeting was as Honisz-Greens Sensei calls it "serendipity at its best", and a family reunion of sorts, and he was promptly told to be at training next week and to be ready to study. When the time came to return to the UK, he informed his future employer that he would not be taking up their job offer, and remained in Japan to study Iaido under Oshita Sensei and pursue a career change. The rest is history. Honisz-Greens Sensei has studied hard in Japan to develop his Iai, and despite his typically non-Japanese physiology has had some notable successes. As well as competing for both the Hyogo and Gifu prefectural teams whilst living in each prefecture, Sensei has won several individual and team taikai, and been placed in many others. Now, he rarely competes, as he personally feels the art aspect and competitive sport aspect do not mix well for him as he tries to deepen his understanding of Iaido.

Honisz-Greens Sensei passed his 6th Dan examination at first attempt in June 2012 in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture - Japan. He is a BKA accredited Level 2 Club Coach, and a recognised and certified BKA National Iaido Coach with Child Workforce Volunteer DBS clearance . He now lives in Edinburgh having previously lived in Tokyo (2011-2015) and trained in the Shinbukan Dojo in Kawasaki city under the guidance of Ishido Shizufumi Sensei (8dan Hanshi), whilst also making regular trips to Kobe city to see his own teacher Oshita Masakazu Sensei (8dan Kyoshi) in Kobe Genbukan Dojo (1997-2011). He was awarded Renshi Shogo from the ZNKR in November 2013.

Edinburgh Genbukan uses the Kobe Genbukan Dojo mon, which is the Daki-Myouga mon encased in a turtle shell. This is to show our affiliation with Oshita Sensei and the Kobe Genbukan dojo, and in recognition of the honour of being the first international dojo affiliated to Oshita Sensei permitted to use the dojo name.