Training with us

We welcome beginners at any time however please drop us an e-mail prior to coming so that we can ensure that there will be equipment you can borrow for the night. Your first night's practice with us is free of charge. Club fees are £35 monthly. Edinburgh Genbukan is a non-profit making organisation, all monies are reinvested in the club and all teachers are volunteers.

You will be required to take membership of our governing body, the British Kendo Association (BKA), which is £40 per year. This provides insurance cover for training and is required for gradings. BKA membership can be paid for on their website here.

For your first few nights practice all you will require is tracksuit bottoms and a tee-shirt. There after you will require the following equipment:

  • Kneepads (we do a lot of kneeling)
  • Hakama - Trousers
  • Gi - Top
  • Obi - Belt
  • Bokken - Wooden training sword
  • Iaito - Training sword which will be required after 5-6 months practice